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This site will catalog all the aerial video I've taken from my hacked Xcam2 camera.  The video's have been zipped to facilitate download and will require a decompression tool like WinZip to extract the file.

Here are a couple of loops and low passes from my Pico-Jet-Cam
Another Roll and a faster low pass
Multiple Rolls and a view of my new flying site
This was the first launch of my rear mounted camera on my wingo.  I assert my authority over the plane by asking:

"Who's your daddy?"

This is later in the same flight as above.  I flew it up to altitude and then let it glide.
Wingo Glide
I shot a video as high as I could get the wingo to test the range of the video system.
It got pretty high.
I took the video system from the Pico Jet and mounted it on a Pico Cub.  This is a much slower plane which I felt comfortable flying in a local park.  This video shows a low pass near some houses and a landing.

Keep those shades closed!

Very near the beginning of my first Pico Cub video flight I did a low pass near myself... very low!  I had to step out of the way to avoid getting hit.

Dodging the plane

Here is a video testing out a new revision of my groundplane antenna.  I intentionally editted in parts with interference to give you an idea of how the video looks as I reach the limits of the transmitter's range.

Home on the range.

This is the tail end of a video from my amped transmitter.  I set the receiver on the ground with the patch antenna facing straight up.  The signal quality was surprisingly good. 

Here I am catching the plane.

Hey, I'm really getting into this whole catching thing.

I catch it again

Ok, it's not a flying video, but it WAS taken from my hacked Xcam system.

RC car tooling around.